Information about employee qualification and support at a glance.

Employee development at MEAG – With a focus on your assets

We are proud of our staff. Their know-how, expertise, commitment and team spirit are what characterise our company and make top-class results and outstanding performances for our clients possible.

We treat each other, our business partners and our clients with integrity and respect. Our employee development philosophy is based on that. We want to empower our staff to take responsibility for what they do, to help them drive their own careers forwards and upwards. In doing so, we help draw up individualised career plans and enable you to implement them with our support.

Qualification – Comprehensive and individually tailored.

We place great importance on you developing your abilities: our training courses teach specialist know-how and methods, personality development, leadership (skills) and many other competencies at a very high level.

And we support you with further vocational training alongside your job, such as the qualification as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) or real estate economist. Because expert know-how is so important at MEAG, we promote career paths that are specific to you. Thanks to regular goal adjustment and feedback, our employees stay in close contact with their supervisors about career and other development steps.

Marco Inninger, Risk Analyst

Marco Inninger, Risk Analyst

Further vocational training is important to MEAG. And to me, too. That's a good match.

Career support – Varied and proactive

We help you start at MEAG with a thorough on-boarding programme. It backs your specialist integration into the team with familiarisation rounds where you can network and get to know many other areas within the company.

We also offer keynote lectures in the "MEAG für MEAG" series, in which different teams present their current projects and activities – for instance the purchase of a solar power plant or the effects of interest rate policies on portfolio management.

One of the consequences of our vigorous employee development efforts is that for many years now, most of the management positions that open up at MEAG have been staffed from within the company. A multiphase programme supports new managerial staff when they take on their new responsibilities. And we assist our young managers with the "MEAG Young Manager Programme", among other things.

But not only managers have great prospects with us. Dedicated specialists who show top-class performances have options available to them like rotations, deployments elsewhere in the company group, international sojourns, projects and special tasks.

Mentorship – Promoting young talent

To promote the talents of tomorrow both personally and professionally, we take part in programmes offered by Munich's universities and are actively engaged in training and supporting future MEAG specialists.

In a mentorship, students from Munich's universities are given personal support from a MEAG expert. Together with this person, they can discuss their goals and studies, and take the right steps to make an entry into the working environment go smoothly.

During the mentorship, students get to know their own strengths and talents in a dialogue with their mentor, and they train to analyse problems, find solutions and sharpen their judgement.

And the mentors also benefit from this contact. They gain insight into the current situation at the universities, get to know professors and can pass on their experience and recommendations.

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