Strategies in focus

MEAG has an international setup and a worldwide presence. We give investors efficient access to the global capital markets on attractive terms. MEAG’s investment strategies follow a rigorous, risk-controlled investment approach geared towards outperforming the benchmark over the long term.

High Yield
Generating a steady return by investing in shorter-dated securities paying higher interest rates and intended to be held until final maturity.
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Dynamic Value
Lower risk, more stable performance and greater long-term success: our MEAG equity strategy that is independent of the market cycle
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Emerging Markets Sustainability
Achieve attractive value growth in line with sustainable principles by investing in emerging-market bonds
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Liquid Alternatives
Our MEAG MultiSmart risk premium strategy: equipped for any market situation with broad diversification and no correlation.
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Absolute Return
Value preservation and limited risk: our defensive European mixed fund with a sustainability approach.
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