Interview: Nicolas Blanc, Real Estate Asset Manager International

Mr. Blanc, What did your way to MEAG look like?

I originally come from France and worked there until 1999, but then I wanted to move to Germany, or more precisely to Bavaria. Once I arrived there, I first worked for another company in the International Real Estate and Asset Management division before moving to MEAG five years later. Here I am also active in asset management for real estate, more precisely in the team for international real estate with a focus on France and London. A good combination, so I'm still a bit attached to my home country.

What exactly do you do as Real Estate Asset Manager International?

We manage real estate properties abroad, both for our clients within the Munich Re Group and for funds for our institutional clients. The focus here is particularly on office buildings where the aim is to maintain or, at best, even increase returns in the long term. To this end, we define the strategy and take care of maintenance and tenancy agreements.

What do you find particularly interesting about your position?

I work in a team of two with a clear division of responsibilities. That makes our team a well-oiled machine. I personally take care of the individual buildings. This usually requires an increased amount of travel, with about 20 trips a year, preferably in and around Paris and Lyon or even London. Especially the change between office work and my travel activities is very attractive for me. In the latter case, I particularly appreciate the international character and the opportunity to work with people.

How has your job changed during the Corona pandemic?

Travel activities have naturally ceased, but the properties must of course still be intensively looked after. But we managed to do this very well via the digital channels. But I am also looking forward to meeting our business partners and the buildings live again.

What do you particularly appreciate about MEAG as an employer?

What I like about MEAG is that I am very flexible, especially because of the trust-based working hours, and that we employees have a high degree of trust. An additional plus is my friendly colleagues with whom I regularly exchange information. Although everyone has their own objects here, experiences are shared and problems discussed.

What is your personal highlight?

Every property is a new challenge for me and every completion of a project is therefore a personal highlight. I am always pleased when I have been able to create value for the investors through my work. Not every company has such an attractive property portfolio and the opportunity to carry out large projects.

Many thanks, Mr. Blanc!

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