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FUTURES. Your trainee programme at MEAG.

We're looking for you!

For our FUTURES trainee programme at our Munich location, we are looking for motivated talents who want to become asset management experts and make us even better. In a working world that is changing more dynamically than ever, we need motivated people with strong communication skills who are open to change and want to help shape our culture at MEAG.

Anke Schaks, <br>Member of the Board of Management

Anke Schaks,
Member of the Board of Management

The MEAG FUTURES trainee programme is a unique opportunity to get to know the diversity of asset management in cooperation with many MEAG experts.

We like to make sustainable choices. Ideally in your favour.

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Who we are. 02

We're global.

MEAG is the asset manager of Munich Re and ERGO. We also manage the assets of institutional investors and private clients from outside of Munich Re Group. With us you are part of a global team of around 850 financial experts located in Europe, North America and Asia.

We're relevant.

We manage over €300 billion of investments in all asset types on the world's capital markets, especially bonds, real estate, equities and alternative investments. This makes us one of Europe's major asset management companies.

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Here's why you fit in with us.

Today's working world is more dynamic than ever before. New challenges are emerging on the capital markets. To meet these challenges successfully, we need ambitious talents who are prepared to challenge the status quo and who are curious about new things. Combined with an analytical and strategic mindset, this is the basis for your start as a trainee at MEAG – in a strong team, but always driven by your own motivation. Because we believe the "why" comes before the "how".

What is it about?

We rely on your strengths.

Our team is as diverse as the world of finance – with a wide range of skills that we benefit from together. That's why we don't have just ONE profile, but rather the opportunity to use and develop your personal skills to the best of your ability.

Where do you see your focus? In securities, real estate, infrastructure, forestry & agriculture, transformation & strategy, ESG, legal, accounting & reporting? You tell us which field of activity or which asset class you are particularly interested in, and we'll find the right match.

Together, we'll use the trainee programme to find out how we can best use and further develop your talents in the future. After two years in the trainee programme, you will be a top generalist, specialist or innovator in asset management, in alignment with your individual strengths.

How does it work?

This is what awaits you.

In 24 months, everything revolves around asset management. Your Trainee Journey will give you in-depth insights into one of our specialist areas. This will be followed by rotations through other areas to gain a comprehensive understanding of the issues that shape the financial markets. You'll learn to understand new technologies and how to harness their potential.

These are just some of the questions that will keep you busy:

  • What does the value chain look like in modern asset management?
  • What relevance do renewable energies have for asset management?
  • On what basis are investment decisions made?
  • What do sustainability and ESG factors mean in asset management?
  • How are risks managed in asset management?
  • How does sustainable construction influence future building projects?


Your benefits

Perfect conditions for your development.

MEAG's FUTURES trainee programme gives you the opportunity to learn with a top employer in the field of asset management. You can work autonomously from day one – of course with the support of a strong team. Regular feedback, a wide range of training opportunities and access to an international network of experts will help you in your development.

In today's working world it has become essential to have the opportunity to work remotely. With our flexible working models, we enable you to achieve a good work-life balance. And you can expect an attractive benefits package including an above-average salary and a company pension plan.   


Permanent contract

Above-average salary

Company pension plan

30 days of vacation

Free lunch

Good public transport connections in Munich (job ticket possible)

Rent subsidy for 3 months in case of job-related relocation

Group benefits (e.g. Ergo insurance)

Hybrid work

Trust-based working hours

Training opportunities

High health and safety standards

Your profile

What makes you stand out.

Are you ready for the FUTURES trainee programme at MEAG?

Perfect! We are ready to go! You too?

  • You hold a very good Master's degree in economics, mathematics or financial/business mathematics. But of course students from other disciplines are also welcome to apply.
  • Instead of a Master's degree, you hold a Bachelor's degree with up to 2 years of relevant work experience in the field of asset management or consulting.
  • You have spent one or more semesters abroad during your studies and/or have completed an internship.
  • You have completed internships at relevant companies in the fields of asset management or consulting.
  • You are inquisitive, dedicated and have strong social skills, which is reflected, for instance, in your voluntary activities.
  • You are self-confident, creative and eager to challenge the status quo.
  • You have a good command of English at C1 level and German at least at B2 level.

Apply to MEAG!

And become part of one of Europe's most important asset management companies.

We look forward to receiving your CV, including copies of your qualifications and your motivation letter. If possible, please also tell us which field of activity or asset class you are particularly interested in or see as your focus: securities, real estate, infrastructure, forestry & agriculture, transformation & strategy, ESG, legal, accounting & reporting.

We like to make sustainable choices. Ideally in your favour.

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City of Munich 04

Work & Life

A business metropolis with international flair and a unique blend of innovation, tradition, quality of life and culture, Munich is considered Germany's most liveable city. Generation Z ranks the Bavarian capital 7th worldwide. The excellent public transport network makes Munich even more attractive.


Cities that made it into the ranking were those with a good reputation as places to work and study ...

IW Consult city ranking 2018

In the future ranking, which bundles topics related to innovation, creativity and digitalisation, Munich is ranked 4th.

Forecast Future atlas

Munich is Germany's economic powerhouse, with the best economic prospects nationwide.


Munich is the most liveable city in Germany and ranks 3rd worldwide.

FAQ 05

When something is as extensive as our new FUTURES trainee programme, questions always come up. And since it's about your future, it's important to us that you ask all your questions. We will respond without delay:


Who is MEAG and what is its core business?

What does FUTURES stand for?

How and where does the selection process take place?

How long does the MEAG FUTURES trainee programme last?

When does the MEAG FUTURES trainee programme start?

Where will I be working?

Can I participate in the FUTURES trainee programme while working elsewhere?

What can I expect after completing the FUTURES trainee programme?

How is the FUTURES trainee programme remunerated?

How many vacation days will I have?

Can I organise my working hours freely?

Is there the possibility of mobile work?

Do you also accept applicants with a migration background?

Where do I apply? To whom do I send my documents?

What are the minimum documents I should submit with my application?

Can I just send in my documents by e-mail?

Until when can I apply?

What impact does Corona have on the application process?

I am abroad. Can I still apply?

How long does it take until I receive a response to my application?

Where can I find out about the current status of my application?

Contact 06

The future begins here.

Do you have any questions? We'll be happy to answer them! Please send your inquiry to the following e-mail address:


We like to make sustainable choices. Ideally in your favour.

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