Our guiding principle: WE ARE MEAG. WE ARE ONE.

We want our company culture to be inclusive, diverse and open. We want our staff to feel good about where they work. And that comes not only from MEAG being a place of mutual respect, but also from it giving us a sense of being part of something important, a place where we can make a difference, and be heard and taken seriously.

That is why we apply the following five guiding principles in our work. They characterise how we see ourselves, give us orientation and add up to a commitment for our work together.

One Team.

We act as a team. That means we have many voices, are diverse and stronger as one. We celebrate collaboration – every day.

Dr. Moritz Waibel

Dr. Moritz Waibel

ESG & Sustainable Finance

Only together as a strong team can we master the many challenges of asset management and seize upon new opportunities. For me, mutual respect and appreciation across all levels are fundamental to this.

One Ambition.

We are ambitious. We are constantly learning and developing. We set ourselves ambitious goals – that we can achieve as a team.

Pia Holle

Pia Holle

Real Estate Asset Management

For me, ONE AMBITION means being appreciated for what I do for the company, through support for my personal and career goals at MEAG.

One Performance.

We stand for outperformance. That means we create lasting value, think holistically and pursue innovative solutions. Because that is how we stay successful.

Benjamin Hemming

Benjamin Hemming

Illiquid Assets Debt

ONE PERFORMANCE is the result of hard work and a mutual understanding of what our goals and values are. Our successes over the last 9 years and the positive feedback from our investors and business partners show us that this is the right approach.

One Courage.

We are courageous. That means we don't shy away from change, but embrace it and make it happen. We assume responsibility and take action with confidence.

Kathleen Dwyer

Institutional Sales

Courage happens every day – Connecting with colleagues, building solutions & caring for clients. Everyone brings their own courage to MEAG.

One Culture.

We live a culture of openness. That means everyone can contribute and share ideas, in a nurturing environment of honest feedback and mutual respect.

Moritz Wieschollek


What consistently fascinates me about working together in project teams is how interested and invested the whole team is in the various different issues. We discuss all ideas as equals and benefit from other people's thoughts.

Do these principles make total sense to you?