Your studies: a good basis.

Turn your degree into a successful career! Get important professional experience with MEAG, by combining theory and practice. That makes perfect sense for you and your career. 

That's why it doesn't matter to us which faculty you come from or which degree you have because we need expertise from different disciplines for the diverse topics and areas of responsibility.

Does that make perfect sense to you?

Ruben Fiebig

Ruben Fiebig

Portfoliomanager at MEAG

I already got to know MEAG as a working student and trainee - and now I'm a portfolio manager in Portfolio Management Equities. A good basis for my career.

We’ll foster you while you’re still studying

As an asset manager operating worldwide, the talents of the future are our most important asset. That’s why we cultivate active dialogue as part of university partnerships and job fairs, and we offer openings in almost all of our specialist areas for working students.

In addition, we have a vast range of subjects you can choose for your thesis (Bachelor/Master’s). In collaboration with your university, and with due regard to academic aspects, you’ll get deep insights into practical topics such as public markets, portfolio management, back office, risk management or property management and non-liquid assets.

Does that make perfect sense to you too?