Climate Change

The years 2014-2022 were the warmest on record. Rising temperatures increase the likelihood of weather-related events occurring more frequently and with greater intensity. In addition to these physical changes in the global climate system, efforts to reduce greenhouse gases are changing prices, demand and technologies. MEAG works to account for the risks and opportunities arising from these change processes, and to put into practice Munich Re's Group-wide commitment to helping accomplish the goals of the Paris Agreement. In doing so, we recognise our responsibility, but are also aware of the limits of our influence as an asset manager in tackling a systemic problem like climate change.

MEAG's climate strategy defines three strategic focuses for dealing with climate change:

  • The management of climate risks and opportunities in the investment process: We have adapted existing processes and implemented new ones to manage sustainability risks and opportunities in the investment process for all of the assets under our management, including issues related to climate change. We continuously review these processes to make sure we properly consider the opportunities and risks.
  • Promoting transparency at all levels: High-quality information is a fundamental prerequisite for making informed and good decisions. We are committed to promoting the transparency of climate-related information.
  • Doing whatever else is within our power: MEAG pursues the goal of identifying investment opportunities that promote decarbonisation and of offering our clients decarbonisation strategies. We are also involved in the IIGCC and CA100+ industry initiatives. 

The MEAG Climate Strategy is publicly available and can be found here.