Whistleblowing Portal

Whistleblowing Portal

Violations of internal or external rules and regulations may have severe consequences for MEAG, Munich Re Group, our employees as well as our business partners – so preventing and/or identifying misconduct early on protects us all.

In order to fulfil this requirement and live up to our high ethical standards, all of us at MEAG are responsible for preventing, discovering and responding to potential compliance violations and as such are obliged to report suspected misconduct or violations. MEAG takes any such indication for potential misconduct or compliance violations very seriously and diligently follows up on any suspicions.

Whistleblowing Portal

As one of multiple channels to report potential misconduct and violations, MEAG offers a secure and confidential Whistleblowing portal.

The Whistleblowing portal can be found here: MEAG Whistleblowing Portal

Via our Whistleblowing portal anyone can report potential compliance violations from anywhere in the world, at any time and if so desired, anonymously.

When using the Whistleblowing portal, Whistleblowers will be guided through the reporting process and can choose to file their reports with the Compliance department or the group wide MEAG Ombudsperson which will then be responsible for following up on the report(s).

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