MEAG makes long-term equity and debt capital available for infrastructure projects with volumes of at least € 50 million, for instance in the following sectors:

Transport infrastructure

Airports, roads and toll roads, ports, bridges and tunnels, rail / rolling stock / trams, parking buildings, ferry services

Non-profit services and energy

Energy generation, energy distribution, energy storage, water and waste treatment, metering / Smart meters, oil and gas infrastructure / LNG terminals, pipelines

Renewable energies

Wind (onshore and offshore), photovoltaic, hydro, biomass, geothermal, solar thermal, new energies (e.g. wave and tidal power)


Cable networks, mobile communication networks, computing centres

Social infrastructure

Hospitals, schools, universities, public administration infrastructure

The Infrastructure unit's projects are either public-private partnerships (PPPs) or related to private infrastructure provided by companies and needed by the public. The geographic focus of MEAG's infrastructure investments is on Europe and North America.

ERGO Immobilienfinanzierung (contact Dr. Eckehard Schulz) is responsible for real estate financing. ERGO issues senior secured loans for residential and commercial properties in Germany.