Munich Re is an internationally acknowledged expert in the fields of risk management, sustainability and climate change. MEAG's constant exchange of expertise and know-how with Munich Re helps it recognise investment risks early, and make the most of opportunities.

When founding the Munich Re Foundation in 2002, sustainability criteria were formalised for its investments. In 2005, sustainability demands on capital investments were then incorporated into the Group's binding General Investment Guideline (GIG). In 2006, Munich Re became one of the first German signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), which Munich Re also played a key role in drafting. It further intensifies this involvement through its collaboration with MSCI ESG Research.

MEAG's close links with Munich Re also help it identify risks, thanks to the special knowledge of the reinsurance business available within the Group, e.g. with regard to asbestos claims, side effects of medicines, quality and the competitiveness of individual technologies for renewable energies.

Private and institutional investors from outside the company group also profit from MEAG's many years of experience in sustainable investment. In 2003, MEAG launched the international equity fund for private investors called the MEAG Nachhaltigkeit. This fund invests in enterprises that make a contribution to responsible economic growth. Since 2009, MEAG has offered institutional investors the sustainable, defensive, balanced fund MEAG FairReturn, which was also opened to private investors in 2010. In 2017, the foundation magazine RenditeWerk once again voted the MEAG FairReturn "Foundation Fund of the Year". Since 2017, MEAG has been applying similar investment criteria to the MEAG EmergingMarkets Rent Nachhaltigkeit investment fund.

Procurement principles

In its procurement principles, Munich Re (Group) integrates the United Nations principles determined in the Global Compact, and commits to uphold them throughout the Group. The business activities and strategies of these companies are based on ten universally recognised principles from the fields of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the fighting of corruption. All suppliers and service providers that the Group's units work with are required to observe these principles when submitting offers and concluding contracts. The Munich Re procurement principles also apply at MEAG.