Our services

MEAG is one of the world's biggest asset managers, and it supports its partners in their global activities. It has offices in the three time zones Europe, Asia and North America, and centrally manages all key asset classes such as equities, bonds and real estate.

For us, institutional services means individually customised and continuous support throughout the entire value-generation process. MEAG advises on strategic questions and on the outsourcing of operational activities in the investment business. Our range of services extends from conventional special funds, through individual modules and on to the complete assumption of all administrative functions.

Comprehensive client support

Our Client Support unit is the interface between the MEAG units and our clients. The colleagues advise clients on strategic matters pertaining to their capital investments and are responsible for the tactical investment management. At the same time, they hold all the various threads within MEAG in their hands. Their responsibilities are many and varied. They not only know the complex restrictions and regulations that investments are subject to, they also know the markets and which securities, instruments and techniques can be used to accomplish which investment objectives.


Strategic investment planning


Optimum target portfolio for the investor's individual needs. Calculation by means of a transparent optimisation procedure understandable for the investor.

Portfolio management

Expert coverage of all the key investment classes and concepts. Systematic consideration of supervisory law requirements and risk and accounting factors. Many years of experience with integrated external asset-management mandates.

Investment controlling

Transparent and reliable information on the mandate's risk situation. Comprehensive reporting with both an accounting and a financial orientation.


Provision of accounting data. Ensuring proper legal bookkeeping. Confirmation of the annual accounts by MEAG's auditor.

Supervisory law reporting

Compiling a full reporting package for all investments managed by MEAG. Reliable and rapid fulfilment of all new supervisory law requirements.