Real Estate

A strong foundation

An investment in the real estate asset class is an investment in a segment at the heart of economic, societal and technological transformation. We offer attractive investment opportunities across a wide range of property types for investors with a long-term investment horizon. MEAG is at your side as an experienced and powerful partner.

Dr. Stefan Haas

Dr. Stefan Haas

Managing Director and Global Head of Real Estate

We manage our properties actively and with a view to the future, in order to exploit their full potential. By doing so we ensure lasting earning power and value growth throughout the entire property lifecycle.

We identify trends with relevance for the long term and use them as the basis for developing innovative investment strategies. We offer services along the complete real estate lifecycle, covering the whole value chain. We offer our services to Munich Re Group and to other German and European institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, foundations, corporates and banks.


Uwe Krause

Uwe Krause

Head of Real Estate Asset- and Fund Management

With our investment products, we offer institutional investors access to international real estate markets.

Decades of experience and a proven track record

With around €15 bn in real estate assets under our management (31 march 2024), MEAG is one of the leading providers of real estate investment management1. As an experienced real property specialist within Munich Re Group, we know our investors' needs and offer them the agility and reach of an internationally networked real estate asset manager. MEAG has a highly qualified real estate team with its own buy-side and macro research, and we also boast an outstanding track record after having been active in the special AIF business for more than 20 years.

We invest in various different usage types, countries and risk classes – an excerpt of our portfolio:

Profit lastingly from our diversified investment strategy

Comprehensive value chain

Our expert teams work hand in hand to implement the strategic and tactical specifications from our fund strategy:

Broadly diversified

We invest in various countries, risk classes and usage types:









Funds in focus

We offer our customers fund and individual mandate concepts. We invest in office, residential, logistics and retail properties in Germany and throughout Europe. In addition to a large number of existing mandates, we are currently offering a special AIF that focuses on German specialty retail centres:

Investing in retail parks together with Munich Re

Invest in retail parks together with Munich Re Performance and stability even in times of economic fluctuations – these are key reasons to invest in retail parks. We offer institutional investors the opportunity to enter into this high-return segment, with Munich Re Group at your side as a partner. We enhance the possible earnings by focusing on Core Plus investments and by making full use of the rental and property potential.

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1 MEAG Group comprises MEAG MUNICH ERGO Asset Management GmbH (MEAG AMG) and MEAG MUNICH ERGO Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH (MEAG KAG). The two companies are presented as a single entity in this pamphlet. Of these two companies, only MEAG KAG works for non-Group companies.