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Sustainable fund

What does sustainability mean for the ERGO Vermögensmanagement Flexibel?

The ERGO Vermögensmanagement Flexibel is classified as a product with environmental or social features (Article 8 product) in accordance with the EU Disclosure Regulation.


  • Environmental protection
  • Efficient handling of resources
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • No atomic power*
  • Not destroying natural habitats


  • Equal rights
  • Respect for human and labour rights
  • No outlawed atomic or conventional* weapons
  • No addictive substances* or pornography*


  • Fighting corruption
  • Transparency and active dialogue with the companies

For more information on the Fund's sustainability strategy, the mandatory environmental and social features and a list of all exclusion criteria, please see: Link (sustainable disclosure pursuant to Art. 10 Disclosure Regulation)


* Turnover tolerance 5% each


Investment strategy

The Fund's objective is to achieve long-term value growth with significant earnings opportunities, taking into account sustainable aspects. It invests worldwide in a variety of asset classes, such as equities and bonds, and - via indirect investments - real estate, precious metals and commodities. The various asset classes are geared towards exploiting opportunities, with an equity ratio of usually up to 85 percent.

Sustainability strategy



Performance of past 12 month periods (month end)


Past performance is not indicative of future returns.

Due to its composition or the techniques used by the fund management, the investment fund exhibits increased volatility, i.e. the unit prices may be subject to large downward or upward fluctuations even within short periods of time.

Performance of past 12 month periods (month end)


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Performance in the last 12-month periods

Period Gross Net
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.

Performance (gross)

Period Cumulated p.a.
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Information on performance

On 10.03.2021, changes were made to the Fund's investment policy. The performance shown for the period prior to these changes was therefore achieved under circumstances that are no longer valid.

The gross performance (BVI method) takes into account all costs incurred at fund level (such as management fees). The net performance also takes into account the issuance fee, which reduces the performance. For an investment amount of 1,000 euros, the investor incurs a one-time issuance fee of 5.0% (= 47.62 euros) upon purchase. Since the issuance fee is only charged in the first year, the gross/net performances only differ in this year. The investor may incur additional securities account fees that reduce the performance. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Source: MEAG.

Note: On days that fall on a public holiday or a weekend, the price of the previous day or the last available price is used, as it is not possible to determine a price on these days.

Fund key figures

Average yield: 2.41%
Average return: 4.46%
Average remaining term (in years): 5.47
Volatility³ p.a. (3 years): 10.05%

as at: 31.05.2022

Master data

Fund name ERGO Vermögensmanagement Flexibel
Fund type Global mixed fund
Investor type  Dynamic
Unit class  -
Date of issue / formation of the unit class 15.03.2017
Investment term  at least 6 years
SFDR category  Art. 8

Further fund data

Fund currency Euro
End of business year 31.03.
Fund manager Anna Podoprigora
Benchmark index 22% STOXX Europe 600 – NR; 18% S&P 500 hedged in EUR – NR; 10% MSCI Emerging Markets – NR; 25% Bloomberg Barclays Euro Aggregate - TR; 15% Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate - TR; 10% JPM EMBIG Diversified hedged EUR– TR
Use of profits  Distributed
Profit distribution date June
Partial tax exemption  15%
Custodian  BNP PARIBAS Securities Services S.C.A.Zweigniederlassung Frankfurt
Savings plan suitable yes
Suitable for employee capital formation no
Swing pricing no
Guarantee no
Term unlimited
Sales authorisation Germany, Austria

Costs and fees

Current issuance fee 5.0%
Ongoing costs 1.57% (business year 2020/2021)
Current management fee p.a.  1.35%
Performance bonus  no

Target market data

Product category Retail fund (UCITS)
Sales channel Execution only | No consultancy required | Investment advisory services
Customer category Private customer | Pofessional customer | Suitable counterparty
Know-how and/or experience Suitable for investors with basic knowledge of and/or experience with securities
Capacity to bear financial losses Investor can bear losses (no capital protection)
Risk assessment (SRI) 3
Investment target General capital accumulation/optimisation
Investment horizon Long term (longer than 6 years)
Special requirements Sustainability

Sustainability-related disclosure according to Art. 10 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 


Below you will find more detailed information on the sustainability strategy of ERGO Vermögensmanagement Flexibel (ISIN: DE000A2ARYP6):

We present to you here the ecological and/or social product features of the Fund (see "Ecological or social features of the product"). These product features are intended to disclose to you, the investor, which ecological and/or social factors play an important role in the management of the Fund.

We strive to uphold the ecological or social product features through the investment process (see "Investment strategy") and we measure our achievement of this goal regularly using sustainability indicators (see "Ongoing monitoring of ecological or social features" and "Methods used to measure the achievement of ecological or social features").

Sound research and well-trained fund managers are required to integrate ESG analyses into the investment process. Details on the data sources and methods used can be found in the section "Data sources and processes".

You will also find information on MEAG's co-determination policy as it pertains to the Fund in the "Co-determination policy" section.


Please note:

The ERGO Vermögensmanagement Flexibel advertises ecological or social features.

The Fund does not seek to make sustainable investments within the meaning of Art. 2 No. 17 of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088. A sustainable investment is an investment in a commercial activity that contributes to an ecological or social objective, provided that the investment does not materially compromise an ecological or social objective, and that the companies invested in apply good corporate governance practices.

The benchmark index does not match the Fund's advertised ecological and/or social product features.

All information as at 10 March 2021.

Ecological or social features of the product

Investment strategy

Ongoing monitoring of ecological or social features

Methods used to measure the achievement of ecological or social characteristics

Data sources and data processing

Co-determination policy

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2 Benchmark index:
Find out more about the composition of the benchmark index in the "Data" tab.

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